Introducing Sex Toys

How To Talk To Your Partner About Introducing Sex Toys Into Your Sex Life

For some reason when it comes to the topic of sex in our relationships, we tend to shy away from saying what we intend to. The intimacy that is experienced during sex is something that we don’t want to mess up and this tends to lead to us ignoring our sexual fantasies and desires. Luckily for you, we’ve come up with a game plan that will help you to introduce the idea of sex toys into your relationship.

Step 1: Get Comfortable With The Concept Of sex Toys 

Have you ever noticed that something which was hard to discuss suddenly becomes much easier after you talk about it for a while? It becomes accepted and like second nature in no time. In order to be comfortable talking about introducing Sex Toys at Joujou into your relationship, you need to first get comfortable with the idea yourself.

This could be as simple as doing some online research to discover the different toys available for purchase. This could be reading blogs or talking with your closest friends about the idea. Basically, anything that allows your nerves to calm while you freely talk about the idea of sex toys will work to prepare you for the discussion with your partner.

Step 2: Pick A Good Time To Talk About It

After being with your partner for a short while you should be able to pick up those times when they are not the happiest or most receptive person on the planet. Use this information to your advantage. Wait for a time where you two can actually talk about the topic.

This doesn’t mean slipping it into a conversation before you have to rush out the door to work. You should opt for a time, say after dinner, where the two of you can talk freely about the concept.

Step 3: Dive Into The Topic 

Once you become comfortable with the topic of sex toys and you’ve picked the right time, now all that is left is to bring up the topic. Introduce the topic as a way to improve the experience of sex for the both of you. Many individuals are still under the misconception that sex toys are to be used to replace actions when a partner is inadequate in doing so. This is something you should address right away.

Let your partner know that you want to try sex toys to enhance the relationship for both of you. The toys are meant to help stimulate both of your arousals and bring more pleasure in a different way than what you both are used to. Trying new toys out is a great way to spice things up in the bedroom and allow you to crave being with your partner all over again.

Now that you have got a game plan on how you are going to introduce the topic of sex toys into your relationship, it’s time for you to put it into action. Remember that the longer you wait to bring it up, the harder you are going to make it for yourself.

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